Why your business should invest in personalised badges

Posted on: August 20, 2015 in Blog by Sarah Legge

It’s easy to presume that personalised badges in your company’s workplace would be a bit of a luxury, or even downright unnecessary. After all, everyone knows everyone else in your firm before too long, right? And why would a customer need to know your employee’s name, when they are merely being served? Aren’t there more important things to spend money on?

Actually, if you take a bit more time to think about it, you’ll realise just how imperative an investment personalised badges can really be. Sometimes, the advantages can be subtle and difficult to quantify – but nonetheless, they’re definitely there. Just consider the last time you were in a restaurant or hotel, and how much more confident you were to speak to an important staff member when they were wearing a professional-looking name badge.

However, staff badges aren’t just for your company’s customers – they also benefit your employees. Whether your workers already wear highly formal uniforms or just white polo shirts and jeans for the office, presentable pin-on badges can complete the look nicely. They also serve the practical purpose of helping workers to remember their colleagues’ names, whether they have only just begun working for you and are therefore still trying to put names to faces, or work unusual shifts or work in a large company where the typical week involves meetings with a wide range of people.


Security is another, somewhat underrated reason for investing in pin-on badges. Think of all of the people who could potentially wander into your office throughout the day if you simply leave the door open. That person who turns up at 7pm when almost everyone else has gone home, claiming to be the cleaner, could just be the person who steals your office computer, tablet or hard drive, packed with potentially sensitive and important information about your firm and its suppliers.

By preparing some kind of professional and aesthetically consistent security ID for every member of staff to wear, you can therefore much more quickly identify trespassers. Pre-agreed visitors – such as prospective clients – could be issued with generic ‘guest’ badges to signal that their presence on your premises has been approved, thereby avoiding any awkward conversations.

Finally, you should never underestimate the value of personalised badges in the appropriate marketing of your company. Even if it’s merely a case of your workers being spotted off-premises looking smart and professional, those pin-on badges that you bought for ostensibly practical purposes can also play a not-inconsiderable part in portraying your company all the better to the wider world. After all, there really is no second chance to make a great first impression.

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