Putting A Name To The Face: How Badges Provide A Friendly Atmosphere

Posted on: January 20, 2016 in Company ID Badges Networking Staff ID Badges by Alan Tomkins

It’s in the interests of everyone involved with your business – management, employees and customers – for you to cultivate a warm and friendly environment for them all. This kind of environment can boost everyone’s enjoyment and, as a result, turn more potential customers into paying customers. But you may have underestimated how much name badges can help in creating the right atmosphere.

Put yourself in a customer’s shoes…

If you walked into a retail outlet that you’d never previously visited and, straight away, were approached by a smiling employee asking if you required any assistance, it would certainly give you a positive first impression. We all like to feel special and welcomed. Furthermore, judging by research, you could perceive that worker as especially friendly if you caught sight of a name badge on their uniform…

Research conducted across a number of years by Shopper Anonymous has revealed the surprisingly large difference that name badges can make to the staff-customer relationship in the retail and hospitality fields. The most fundamental and startling statistic unearthed with this research – which took account of 116,000 mystery shopper reports – is that, when a variety of companies introduced such badges for all of their workers, customer satisfaction ratings were boosted by a bumper 12%.

Some eye-opening revelations from intriguing research

Why such a big difference? It seems that, quite simply, many customers really appreciate knowing who is serving them. Many mystery shoppers in this study were eager to see name badges to better enable them to identify staff if they weren’t wearing uniform. Customers are bound to approach staff more often if they can actually distinguish them from other customers.

However, it looks like even staff who routinely wear uniform could benefit from putting on name badges. That’s because the mystery shoppers also reported placing greater trust in staff sporting such badges. A relationship more strongly based on trust should naturally be friendlier, too.

These are great reasons to invest in staff badges…

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