The Pros And Cons Of Brushed Gold

Posted on: January 20, 2016 in Company ID Badges Staff ID Badges by Alan Tomkins

Gold, it seems, has many positive connotations. It’s a precious metal, businesses routinely aspire to the “gold standard”, and now even many smartphones and tablets are available in the colour. But all of this might not be enough to warrant your company choosing a brushed gold background for its employees’ pin-on badges, as we at Imagin Products can make clearer…

Gold – not always perceived well…

Gold is a culturally renowned colour, often associated with high achievement. High achievement should certainly always be in your company’s sights; however, not every individual that sees your staff wearing gold personalised badges could readily associate the colour with this. To some people, gold can seem attention-seeking, which doesn’t always have positive implications.

How numerous people could perceive brushed gold badges on your staff could depend largely on the field that your company operates in. Context is crucial, so think carefully before choosing brushed gold.

Bring a more prestigious image to your company

In many instances, however, the brushed gold badges that we can offer should bring great elegance and sophistication to the appearance of your workers. There are some workplaces, like offices and luxury hotels, where these qualities can be vital for creating the right kind of atmosphere. There’s a good reason brushed finishes are common in jewellery

It also helps that the brushed finish is, certainly in comparison to a standard finish, scratch-resistant. This means that, even if your staff are involved in hectic work where keeping an eye on their badges could be pretty far down their priority lists, you can expect the badges to continue looking great. Worn-looking badges could, after all, be mistakenly considered to represent a tired business.

Prestige, nonetheless, can come at a price… or two

One downside of a brushed gold badge is that you may not be able to order one with as elaborate a design as you’d prefer. That’s largely due to costs and mechanical limitations. If you’re particularly eager for badges with complexity in design, you should consider our option of conference badges; however, brushed gold is not an option with these badges.

Our brushed gold badges also tend to be at the higher end of the price range. For example, brushed gold is not available with our photo ID badges, which are second only to our conference badges in low starting price.

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