5 Ways To Network At Conferences

When it comes to attending industry conferences and exhibitions, making sure that you network and successfully market your business is essential. Focusing on meeting potential clients is one of the most important parts of any business function, so following our five top tips for improving your chances of networking success will serve you well.

Take along some merchandise

When it comes to networking events, the old saying of ‘people love a good freebie’ rings true. Focusing on a well-designed, branded image will help colleagues to remember you and to connect with your business on a deeper level than just adding you to LinkedIn, so get creative and offer something truly unique. Whether that’s a quirky business card or a free USB stick, there are lots of ways to ensure that your brand is remembered.

Build a networking list

Before you attend any networking event, you should take time out to check the list of attendees. Developing a networking list will allow you to work out who you want to connect with and what you want to say to them before you set off. Targeting key influences will allow you to meet your business objectives, so planning in advance will give you the confidence you need to impress.

Look the part

In our image-obsessed world, it’s important to look the part at your networking event, so take time out to plan an outfit that works for you. Your look should not only reflect your personality but the personality of your business brand. That is to say, if your business is relaxed and easy-going, you should avoid wearing a generic suit and tie and opt for something more casual. Pairing your outfit with one of the custom designed conference badges offered at Imagin Badges is the best way to stand out.

Come with a colleague

Even the most talkative of business professionals can run out of things to say, so bringing a colleague or pairing up with an individual in a similar field is the best way to maximise your exposure. Not only will you be able to play off of each other’s skills, but you’ll have more to talk about and will reduce the chances of the dreaded awkward silence.

Always follow up

The most important part of a networking event is the follow-up. The whole point of networking events is to make new contacts and find new potential customers, so use an online template to send a follow-up email quickly after the event. That way, you’ll be remembered, and you’ll be able to discuss business when you both have a clear schedule.

Using professional networking websites such as LinkedIn and arranging follow-up calls can also be beneficial if you want to stay in touch with your new industry contacts. By showing you’re interested and opening a dialogue, you will be well-placed to convert your new contacts into customers.

However you choose to network at your next event or conference, make sure you plan ahead and follow the tips we have offered on this website to improve your chances of business success.

Five Different Badges For Five Different Business Types

You might be surprised at just how many different types of badges there are to buy. Each badge comes with stylish design features and can be used in a whole host of environments, so read on to find out which type of badge is the best fit for your business.

Photo ID badges

This product is perfect for use in a security company or a hospital – establishments where easy identification is essential. Each badge comes with a photo of the employee, their name and any other information that you deem appropriate.

For simple storage, each ID badge has a range of optional accessories such as lanyards and open or closed-faced holders. These features will stop the badge from getting damaged or misplaced – ensuring a professional touch all day long.

Budget name badges

If money is tight or you have a large workforce to cater for, then the budget name badge is sure to be the answer to your problems. Ideal for cleaning jobs, factory work or positions that have a high turnover of staff, this badge is both stylish and practical.

Boasting a range of finishes, these badges come in a pack of five for added value, and each come with your company name and the relevant job title. Our clear, sticky name labels let you print out your staff labels from the comfort of your office.

Conference badges

Simple but effective, conference badges allow for easy identification and engaging conversations. Perfect for Sales Representatives or tourism companies, use these badges for when you’re hosting a meeting with prospective clients.

These badges can handle complex designs to get the brand of your company across, while the inclusion of the company name and the name of the client on each one ensures essential information is clearly displayed, too.

Premium name badges

With these badges, your company will be painted in the best light possible. Perfect for use in hotels, offices or spas, this product exudes luxury.

Of course, these badges will be designed with your brand and company style in mind, as well as the essential pieces of information such as name and job title. However, these badges stand out from the crowd because they come with a domed layer that boasts a UV-resistant coating – making sure they stand the test of time.

Standard name badges

Perfect for use on the shop floor, these badges will help form a relationship between the employee and the customer. Printed on durable aluminium, these badges come with a huge range of designs and contain your company’s logo.

How can I purchase badges for my business?

Here at Imagin Badges, we pride ourselves on offering a huge range of badges – including all of the ones listed above.

You only get one shot at making a first impression, so let Imagin make every encounter memorable.

Why not browse our extensive portfolio of products to find the one that’s best suited to your business, and then use our clever get a quote feature to get a quick costs breakdown.

How Important Is Appearance When Pitching For New Business?

Knowing how to pitch convincingly and effectively can be a powerful weapon in your arsenal, so to speak, when aiming to attract more business for your company. Convincing a potential customer that your company is the one most capable of meeting their needs is no mean feat. But how crucial is your appearance to an effective pitch?

Appearance: is it really such a big deal?

Especially if you’re relatively inexperienced in business, it’s tempting to think that your appearance can’t possibly have much influence on how compelling your pitch is. After all, business pitches aren’t fashion shows; why should your audience be concerned whether your suit is from Armani or the discounts rack in your local Tesco?

Of course, they likely won’t be – but that doesn’t mean your appearance still won’t exercise some degree of influence. The effect could be subliminal at times; even subconsciously, many potential buyers could be deterred from handing their hard-earned money over to a disheveled individual with little obvious regard for how they look.

A Dragons’ Den star explains why, yes, appearance can be a big deal

So, how important exactly is appearance to your pitch? A good assessment comes from successful businessman James Caan, of Dragons’ Den fame. Though he’s full of advice for putting together a good pitch, including having a strong team, showing proof of demand and being careful not to over-complicate with the details, he still sets aside space to explain why “presentation is crucial”.

He advises that “if you want to be taken seriously, then dress seriously”. He implies that going too eccentric with your attire could lead the audience to “think this pitch is not as important to you as it should be”, while a clothing mismatch – such as “black trousers with white socks” – can make a similarly bad impression. Caan explains: “These may seem like minor things but they tell me that you don’t pay enough attention to detail”.

Don’t overlook the personal touch

 Nonetheless, putting a lot of care into your appearance as you plan your pitch doesn’t have to mean stripping out all of your unique visual character. Even Caan acknowledges that how you should present yourself will depend, to an extent, on who you’re pitching to. And, indeed, it has been advised elsewhere that you should consider what clothing would make you in particular feel comfortable during the big presentation.

So, while you should remember to stick with clothes that look smart, professional and suitable for both your audience and your own company, you also shouldn’t overlook the need to don clothes that help you to be confident and showcase your unique talents. Ultimately, if you feel that you are visually appealing, so will your audience!

Along similar lines, if you and other people helping you during the pitch decide to wear name badges to help that audience to more easily remember you, your colleagues and the company, you could benefit from turning to us and ordering a big batch of personalized badges. There are many different such badges available.

Putting A Name To The Face: How Badges Provide A Friendly Atmosphere

It’s in the interests of everyone involved with your business – management, employees and customers – for you to cultivate a warm and friendly environment for them all. This kind of environment can boost everyone’s enjoyment and, as a result, turn more potential customers into paying customers. But you may have underestimated how much name badges can help in creating the right atmosphere.

Put yourself in a customer’s shoes…

If you walked into a retail outlet that you’d never previously visited and, straight away, were approached by a smiling employee asking if you required any assistance, it would certainly give you a positive first impression. We all like to feel special and welcomed. Furthermore, judging by research, you could perceive that worker as especially friendly if you caught sight of a name badge on their uniform…

Research conducted across a number of years by Shopper Anonymous has revealed the surprisingly large difference that name badges can make to the staff-customer relationship in the retail and hospitality fields. The most fundamental and startling statistic unearthed with this research – which took account of 116,000 mystery shopper reports – is that, when a variety of companies introduced such badges for all of their workers, customer satisfaction ratings were boosted by a bumper 12%.

Some eye-opening revelations from intriguing research

Why such a big difference? It seems that, quite simply, many customers really appreciate knowing who is serving them. Many mystery shoppers in this study were eager to see name badges to better enable them to identify staff if they weren’t wearing uniform. Customers are bound to approach staff more often if they can actually distinguish them from other customers.

However, it looks like even staff who routinely wear uniform could benefit from putting on name badges. That’s because the mystery shoppers also reported placing greater trust in staff sporting such badges. A relationship more strongly based on trust should naturally be friendlier, too.

These are great reasons to invest in staff badges…

… and, even if you run a relatively large business, you shouldn’t overly fret about the cost of buying such badges, should you turn to us at Imagin Badges. We offer photo ID badges, for example, from as low as £1.45 each. Our generous bulk discounts mean that those badges can pay for themselves much sooner than you might expect.

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