Why Name Badges Are Important In The Retail Industry

Why Name Badges Are Important In The Retail Industry

Posted on: May 25, 2016 in Company ID Badges Staff ID Badges by Alan Tomkins

When working in retail, wearing a name badge, you might think, has a very simple purpose: it lets customers know what your name is. However, the benefits of that little badge can reach much further than simply enabling a customer to refer to you by name. Below, we look closer at why your retail business can reap surprisingly large returns when all of its staff – not just the customer-facing ones – put on name badges.

They can give the customer strictly the information that they need

Pin-on badges ordered inexpensively from our stock at Imagin Products are small, which limits how much can be displayed on them. However, this is ultimately a blessing; it means that you can use them to display only the information that the customer needs to know, without distracting them with other, irrelevant details. Even just having your first name on your badge can suffice – there’s less need to accommodate the company’s branding, as the customer is already in your retail store and, therefore, should already be familiar with that.

They can help to promote your company’s brand and reputation

Despite what we’ve just said, staff badges can obviously provide a great opportunity to extend your firm’s visual branding. This, in turn, can more firmly imprint it into the minds of your customers. However, these badges can also promote your firm in more subtle ways that you might not previously have thought of. If, for example, you arrange to have the badges always shown on a particular side of an employee’s uniform, this can subliminally boost your company’s reputation for tidiness and attention to detail.

They can particularly better communicate your workers’ personalities

Once you start thinking about it, the possibilities for articulating your employees’ preferences and personalities through their name badges are pretty vast. Let’s assume, for example, that they run a bookshop; each badge could, therefore, say what each worker’s favourite book is. Alternatively, if they work for a tech retailer, each badge could specify what smartphone the employee is currently using. Nonetheless, you might want to rein in such a quirky approach if your shop calls for a more serious and formal atmosphere.

They can make workers feel more invested in the company

These staff badges can help not only customers, but also the people who actually wear the badges. When everyone throughout the company – not just the customer-facing staff, but also the managers who rarely come into face-to-face contact with customers – wear name badges of the same design, everyone can feel more like “part of the team”. As a result, staff at all levels can feel more driven to improve the company.

They can encourage a more friendly atmosphere

As long term readers of this blog will know, we have previously gone into detail about why name badges can have this wonderful effect. And a more friendly atmosphere helps everyone connected with the company. The staff enjoy their jobs more, which leads them to be especially pleasant in their interactions with customers, who will go away impressed.

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