How To Look Professional While Attending Conferences

How To Look Professional While Attending Conferences

Posted on: February 17, 2016 in Company ID Badges Marketing by Alan Tomkins

You have probably already been busy noting down dates for various corporate conferences set to take place in 2016. Many of those conferences could, however, still be weeks or even months away – and you should take advantage of this by thoroughly preparing for them. Your attire for the events certainly shouldn’t go overlooked here; here are some of our tips for how you can project the desired professional image at each conference that you attend.

What do you think you will be expected to wear?

This is a worthwhile question to ask yourself before you start planning any part of your wardrobe. After all, it’s possible that a particular event you are planning to attend already has specific guidelines for dress. Furthermore, what clothes you should don will likely differ depending on whether you will be presenting or merely watching and networking at the event. However, once you have taken all of these factors into account, you can start thinking about how to insert a bit more individuality into your appearance.

Female speakers – opt for clothes that accentuate your curves

Are you a woman who will be speaking on stage at the event? You have to consider that, with so many eyes on you, you will want to look in a way that is clearly visible to everyone in the room, from the front row to the back row. You will also want to look good if you are captured by up-close live video – but, crucially, still subtle and respectable, not garish.

Forbes lifestyle writer Kristina Moore has previously advised, for conference wear, “clothing that enhances or creates an hourglass shape to avoid your body frame looking like a solid block.” She has also recommended “colours, prints, and designs that make you stand out appropriately and do not clash with the stage backdrop”.

Avoid going overboard with the accessories

There are particular accessories that could not only prove of great practical use at the conference, but also actually help in portraying the sought-after professional image; an Apple Watch with a non-distracting watch face, perhaps, or carefully-placed pin-on badges indicating the business or industry that you represent. However, as a general rule, you should keep accessories to a minimum, and avoid anything that looks too informal, like nose piercings or eyebrow piercings. Any jewellery that you wear should be subtle in look. And, of course, we at Imagin Products can supply subdued but attractive personalised badges.

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