The Importance Of The Photo ID Badge

Posted on: March 31, 2016 in Company ID Badges Staff ID Badges by Alan Tomkins

It’s easy to get a photo ID badge, complete with not only your name and photo, but also your company’s name and branding, from us at Imagin Products. However, you might be wondering why you should order photo ID badges for your organisation’s staff. What merits do such badges have over other staff badges lacking photo ID? Well, for a start, the following…

A greater sense of a consistent, close-knit community

As the security advice site The Badge Guys explains, a workplace can have a stronger sense of community when photo ID badges are worn by staff. This is not least because the badges can increase the familiarity of workers to other staff, therefore making the workers feel more comfortable about approaching each other.

And, indeed, with all of you working for the same organisation, which will ultimately have one overriding mission which all staff are required to pursue, why shouldn’t the staff show their uniformity visually as well as mentally? Photo ID badges can also bolster confidence about the organisation’s security – as, should a worker come across someone on the premises not wearing a photo ID badge, they could more confidently approach this person and ask why they are there.

Allows for different tiers of access

Various institutions can keep information that is so sensitive, they want only very particular members or levels of their staff to have access to it. Hospitals and government buildings are workplaces where this kind of security system is imperative. Thankfully, photo ID cards are inexpensive to distribute for ensuring such security. With photo ID cards, only particular people can gain access to particular rooms – and here are more details about why…

A highly effective weapon against fraud

Some organisations keep confidential or sensitive information that only certain employees are permitted access to. For these organisations, the possibility of someone getting their hands on one of these workers’ security ID badges before using it to gain access to this information simply cannot be contemplated. But couldn’t these staff badges easily be copied? Probably. But there’s one good reason why even making a realistic copy of a badge could remain pointless…

Copies of regular badges, even personalised badges, could be easily used because the cardholder’s name could be the sole differentiating detail. However, a copied photo ID badge can be ineffective because it could be very easy for other people in the workplace to notice if the face on the card and the face of the person carrying the card do not match. Therefore, theft levels can remain at a bare minimum when photo ID badges are widely used by personnel.

Lots of options enabling highly personalised badges

When you turn to us at Imagin Products for your photo ID badges, you can delight in choosing from a broad range of customisation options. Would you prefer double or single sided print? An attached lanyard, clip/strap or badge reel? Or maybe even just badges without any kind of holder? We can cater for all of these preferences and more.

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