How to make yourself stand out at industry meetings

Posted on: August 14, 2015 in Blog Company ID Badges Staff ID Badges by Sarah Legge

When you are attending a work event, whether it is a meeting, a trade show or perhaps a conference, the rules for making a statement are the same. If you are looking to stand out from the crowd, regardless of the size of the event, we have put together a list of top tips for you to follow. Aside from wearing a giant neon staff badge, or performing a solo contemporary dance routine to get the attention of those around you, these are foolproof tips for a subtle, but effective first impression.

1.Have a clear aim

Before you even walk into an event, you should have a clear list of things that you want to achieve from it. Whether this is a fixed number of sales leads. Making industry contacts or making more people aware of your business, it is much more assertive to walk into a room with a purpose.

2. Be bold

If you are attending a tradeshow, you will be up against a number of other companies who are all competing for attention. So how do you ensure it is your stall that people flock to? Colour plays a large part in this, if you use the right colour scheme – people will be automatically drawn to your business. A dull scheme will leave you languishing in the background.

3. Be ready

We know that industry events can be long and tiring days, however if your potential contacts see you lazing around or sitting down at your table, they may get the wrong impression. Experts recommend making use of all of the space you’re given, push back that table and stay on your feet so that you are ready to welcome a potential contact.

4. Know your targets

This is not as sinister as it sounds. To put it simply, make sure that you do your research into who will be attending the same events as you. If there are companies there that you know you need to meet, or speakers that you really want to trade business cards with, make this one of your missions of the day. A little social media stalking goes a long way, another great tip is to keep your face fresh in their minds by following them on social platforms such as Twitter.

5. Dress to Impress

On a personal level, no one remembers the guy who hides at the back in an ill fitting suit. We are not asking you to turn into James Bond overnight, however if you are heading to an event, making sure that you take the time to press your best suit. It is also good to ensure that you and your team all have clear,personalised badges so that you are easily identified as part of the same company.

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