Five Different Badges For Five Different Business Types

Five Different Badges For Five Different Business Types

Posted on: August 22, 2016 in Branding Marketing Networking by Alan Tomkins

You might be surprised at just how many different types of badges there are to buy. Each badge comes with stylish design features and can be used in a whole host of environments, so read on to find out which type of badge is the best fit for your business.

Photo ID badges

This product is perfect for use in a security company or a hospital – establishments where easy identification is essential. Each badge comes with a photo of the employee, their name and any other information that you deem appropriate.

For simple storage, each ID badge has a range of optional accessories such as lanyards and open or closed-faced holders. These features will stop the badge from getting damaged or misplaced – ensuring a professional touch all day long.

Budget name badges

If money is tight or you have a large workforce to cater for, then the budget name badge is sure to be the answer to your problems. Ideal for cleaning jobs, factory work or positions that have a high turnover of staff, this badge is both stylish and practical.

Boasting a range of finishes, these badges come in a pack of five for added value, and each come with your company name and the relevant job title. Our clear, sticky name labels let you print out your staff labels from the comfort of your office.

Conference badges

Simple but effective, conference badges allow for easy identification and engaging conversations. Perfect for Sales Representatives or tourism companies, use these badges for when you’re hosting a meeting with prospective clients.

These badges can handle complex designs to get the brand of your company across, while the inclusion of the company name and the name of the client on each one ensures essential information is clearly displayed, too.

Premium name badges

With these badges, your company will be painted in the best light possible. Perfect for use in hotels, offices or spas, this product exudes luxury.

Of course, these badges will be designed with your brand and company style in mind, as well as the essential pieces of information such as name and job title. However, these badges stand out from the crowd because they come with a domed layer that boasts a UV-resistant coating – making sure they stand the test of time.

Standard name badges

Perfect for use on the shop floor, these badges will help form a relationship between the employee and the customer. Printed on durable aluminium, these badges come with a huge range of designs and contain your company’s logo.

How can I purchase badges for my business?

Here at Imagin Badges, we pride ourselves on offering a huge range of badges – including all of the ones listed above.

You only get one shot at making a first impression, so let Imagin make every encounter memorable.

Why not browse our extensive portfolio of products to find the one that’s best suited to your business, and then use our clever get a quote feature to get a quick costs breakdown.

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