Which Badge Fixing Is Right For You?

Which Badge Fixing Is Right For You?

Posted on: February 19, 2016 in Company ID Badges Staff ID Badges by Alan Tomkins

Key to the appeal of purchasing badges from us at Imagin Products is the broad range of customisation options. These options extend to how the badges can actually be fixed to clothing. Badge fixings aren’t a minor point of consideration – so, which of the fixings that we offer should you opt for? Here is some advice to help you to decide.

Standard pin

As we provide standard pins on our badges at no extra charge, they could be especially attractive for the very budget-conscious. Furthermore, in this instance, cheap doesn’t mean poor quality; thanks to the strong adhesive hold of our pin-on badges, you shouldn’t have to fear them inadvertently falling off.


The most popular badge fixing here at Imagin Products, we reckon that this is largely because they avert the necessity of nuisance pin holes and clip marks on clothing. Plus, they are as strong in their attachment as you would expect from magnets, while the magnetic strips don’t visually distract from the badge’s overall outer appearance.

Combination clip

A combination clip is so-called as it includes both clip and pin attachments. This makes a combination clip highly versatile; it can be effectively used on many different types of clothes and overalls. Also, it has the benefits of both a clip attachment and a pin attachment; you don’t have to make trade-offs by settling for just one or the other.

Rotating/locking combination clip

This is basically a more feature-rich version of the above-mentioned combination clip, in that it comes with the same attachments, but additionally can be rotated 360 degrees while attached. “Feature-rich” doesn’t strictly equal “better” in all instances, however – as this clip is, perhaps unsurprisingly, more expensive than the basic combination clip.


A lanyard has unique promotional advantages compared to other badge fixings. It is, for example, physically more prominent than other fixings – to the extent that it can be easily noticed by other people, such as potential clients at conferences. And anyone who notices your lanyard is more likely to notice the information on the attached card.

Badge reel

If you already have a card holder, you might most favour a badge reel as your badge fixing. That’s because each badge reel that we offer – and we do offer badge reels separately, as well as in combination with closed and open faced holders – comes with a retractable cord that can be attached to a card holder.

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HR Department FSSI (UK) Ltd - We couldn't have asked for a better service. We would not consider using anyone else. Thank you Aimee & co for your patience and efficiency.

HR Department FSSI (UK) Ltd FSSI Group (UK) Ltd

Received the cards today, just to say we are very pleased with them Thanks for your help

Derek Willis Total Pool Services Ltd

Can I just say I have received an outstanding service from start to finish with Aimee and your company, I would highly recommend! Hope to use you again in the future.

Naomi Smith Kids Coaching Hive Ltd
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