7 Customer Service Tips For 2016

Posted on: April 29, 2016 in Marketing by Alan Tomkins

Providing great customer service is the kind of thing that all businesses obviously want to do, but it can remain surprisingly elusive. It can be a real “easy once you know how” thing, which is why we’ve decided to compile several tips for getting it right. And, in case you’re wondering, yes, we have thrown in a special mention for personalised badges…

Be available 24/7 for the customer

In a world where we are probably more connected than we ever have been, especially thanks to social media, being there for the customer at literally any time can be much easier than you might initially think. Jack Mitchell, author of the customer service advice tome Hug Your Customer, has particularly hailed the usefulness of 24/7 customer service.

Reassure customers by openly displaying name badges

As we highlighted back in January, giving your employees staff badges to wear when dealing face-to-face with customers can help cultivate a more warm and friendly environment. That’s beneficial for everyone at the business, both employees and customers. At Imagin Products, we can help you along the way by supplying easily personalised badges.

Build strong personal relationships with your customers

Jack Mitchell provides a further gem of advice when he explains: “At the heart of every customer transaction is a personal relationship built on trust and on truly knowing the customer.” If you grow to know a customer to the extent that you know their pet’s name and their own nickname, that could prove a strong grounding for good customer retention.

Make customer retention an especially high priority

Did you know that it’s six to seven times more expensive to win a new customer than it is to keep an existing one? That little statistic comes from ThinkJar, and explains why improving your customer retention can also boost your return on investment.

Make sure your call centre service is up to scratch

Research cited in the TimeTrade State of Retail 2016 report has found that 51% of customers believed that, in terms of customer service, the call centre was the worst-performing channel. So, that could be an especially suitable area of customer service to work on.

However, you could also reduce strain on the call centre…

One way of helping to improve the customer service delivered through a call centre is by lowering the strain on that facility. You could do this by proactively reaching out to customers through other channels, like social media. By taking more customer attention away from the call centre, you could relieve frustration in its staff.

One last “simple axiom” from a leader in marketing…

 Kathryn Minckler, founder and chairman of the Luxury Marketing Council of Connecticut-Hudson Valley, has revealed a customer service tip passed down through generations of her family: “tell people what you’re going to do; do what you told them that you were going to do; and, finally, tell them that you did what you told them you were going to do.”

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