5 Ways To Build Your Brand Presence

5 Ways To Build Your Brand Presence

Posted on: September 20, 2017 in Branding by Alan Tomkins

It’s a marketer’s dream for their brand to be on everyone’s lips for the quality of its goods and services. However, to really make your brand stand out from the crowd, you need a more clever and careful strategy than simply and indiscriminately placing as much advertising as you can. Keep on reading for some expert-approved tips.

Work to boost the visibility of your brand

A wise start to a brand building campaign is what business coach Sharon Michael advises: believing in the mantra “out of sight and out of mind”. You can’t expect your target customers to head your way if they aren’t even aware that your business is active! However, don’t be careless with your advertising; you can reap an especially good return on your investment when you turn to a targeted online advertising service like Google AdWords.

Exceed your customers’ expectations

Still, no matter how visible your brand becomes, you can’t expect many customers to keep turning to your company again and again if its products or services are lacking. To a certain extent, you can’t even expect to attract too many first-time customers – as, once you start slacking, word could all too quickly spread. Also consider that your company’s offer extends to material it isn’t literally selling, such as its website copy that openly pledges to be useful and informative. Now, that actually leads us nicely onto our next point…

Write a consistently useful and high quality blog

Building a successful brand can be a matter of personality; it can take knowing, liking and trusting you as a person for someone to want to buy products or services from your company. You can more easily bring someone round to this way of thinking by informing, entertaining and educating them through a blog on your firm’s website. Make sure that you post to it regularly – it’s the “out of sight and out of mind” principle again – and keep the information on it well-written and genuinely useful to your target market.

Position yourself as an expert

This rather follows on from the previous point. A prominently-displayed blog is, indeed, a great vessel for portraying yourself as an expert on a specialist subject. After all, you can easily trust a brand when there’s an acclaimed expert behind it: just think of the magic touch of such revered business figures as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Richard Branson. But, of course, make sure that whatever subject you choose to extensively blog about is both relevant to your target customers and something that you are passionate about.

Display the same logo across your marketing materials

Many of the world’s most famous logos, such as Apple’s bitten fruit symbol and the McDonald’s ‘M’, have reached that point through frequent and consistent use across a range of products and materials. You should heed the lesson here and stick to the same logo across promotional materials including your firm’s website, blog, newsletters and more. We at Imagin Products can particularly help you with putting that logo on your staff badges.

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