5 reasons why your staff should wear a name badge

Posted on: March 11, 2019 in Blog News by Lindsey Grant

Are you debating whether or not your staff should wear a name badge? The short answer: Yes, they should! And here’s why…

1. Identify employees and volunteers to each other

Wearing a name badge is a great way to break the ice. By having staff members wear a name badge or id card, they can easily be identified by other staff. This is especially effective in large companies. In addition to this, it is great when taking on new starts – as learning everyone’s name can be daunting. Having a name badge will help new employees settle in and feel included as part of the team.

2. Make employees accountable for their customer service

Having your staff wear a name badge is a great way to let customers know exactly who they are dealing with. In relation to customer service, a name badge will make your employees more accountable. Putting a name to the face, customers can easily identify who they were dealing with when providing feedback. This is a great way to boost staff morale, as they will receive credit where credit is due.

3. Staff identifying with the company they work for

If your staff are not required to wear a uniform, a name badge is a great way for your staff to feel that they are a valued member of the team. As mentioned above, a name badge can also help new employees settle into their new role.

4. Make employees/volunteers more approachable

Especially in job roles facing the public, a name badge will make your staff and volunteers more approachable. When customers know your employees name, they feel more at ease and are more likely to give good feedback. In many industries, making the process feel more personal is a great touch!

5. Building company recognition

Every employee is a representative of your company, so you want them to make a good impression. We all know that word of mouth is one of the best ways to advertise your company. The same way your staff wear a uniform to be identified by the public, a name badge is a great way for staff to show where they work.

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