20 Job Roles Where A Name Badge Is Vital!

20 Job Roles Where A Name Badge Is Vital!

Posted on: December 22, 2015 in Blog Company ID Badges Staff ID Badges by Alan Tomkins

We at Imagin Products are delighted to provide a range of name badges for your company’s employees in the workplace. But what companies should use staff badges? Basically: customer-facing companies. Here are many examples of jobs where such badges are crucial.

Waiter. A waiter can appear friendlier when asking a customer for their restaurant order if they do so while wearing a name badge.

Waiter’s assistant with the responsibilities of clearing and setting tables, taking dirty dishes to the dishwasher and helping waiting staff.

Healthcare professional. A doctornurse or medical assistant can better reassure their unwell patients when they wear friendly-looking personalised badges.

University staff. They might wear a name badge, rather than a uniform, to publicly identify as staff.

Police officer. Out on the beat, a police officer can, thanks to name badges, foster closer and warmer relationships with members of the communities that they serve.

Hotel staff, including a receptionist behind a hotel’s front desk and a caretaker who restores the former condition of rooms in preparation for the next occupants.

Staff at bed and breakfast accommodation. Key to the appeal of bed and breakfast establishments is that they can each feel like a “home from home”; name badges can therefore help make the staff even easier to get to know.

Retail cashier. Most of us regularly shop at the same places, so it can feel good to better get to know cashiers, who you will especially often come into contact with, by their names.

Flight attendant. Many of us would feel uncomfortable on flights… if it weren’t for flight attendants. Name badges further help to put people on flights at ease.

Food caterer in a restaurant, school or hospital cafeteria, or other outlet serving food.

Lifeguard. If ever they must come to the rescue, everyone will know what name to call them…

Clerk. They could sometimes face customers outside of their administrative duties.

Fitness class instructor. A name badge can prevent them having to keep re-telling their name to many individual members of the class.

Soldiersailor or marine. In other words, a member of military personnel.

Manager. Yes, it’s not necessarily just customer-facing staff who should wear badges within your business. That’s because, as The Small Business Blog wisely states, if your company adopts name badges at all, it should adopt them for all of the staff – to give the image of consistency and reliability.

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