10 Ways Of Making A Lasting Impression To New Customers (B2B Focused)

Posted on: May 26, 2016 in Branding Marketing by Alan Tomkins

Marketing can be much more tricky and arduous in the B2B world than in the B2C sphere, not least because the process of selling an item or service is lengthier. Below, we explain various ways in which you can impress new customers for a healthier long term relationship.

Follow the online feeds that your clients do

This can include regularly reading blogs, digital periodicals and news outlets focused on their industry. This is all with the aim of maintaining good knowledge of this sector. You can also send clients pertinent information that would interest them.

Regularly publish a newsletter

Whether you publish that newsletter on a monthly or quarterly basis, this tactic can be great for keeping your clients in the loop about fresh developments in their industry. The newsletter could also highlight the clients’ own recent accomplishments.

Get to know clients through social media

Being active on social media platforms can assist you in building your relationships with new clients that also have pages on the same platforms. You could further relationships to the extent that future business is almost guaranteed.

Use social media to repost client content

After making sure that you are indeed following all of your clients on such platforms as Facebook and Twitter, you can boost these clients’ online visibility by occasionally reposting and drawing attention to various pieces of content that they post online.

Request testimonials

Asking your favourite clients for testimonials – like quotes, case studies or reviews – will likely flatter them. You can then post the testimonials on your website to allow various potential customers to see how you have helped your current customers.

Host an event

Invite your clients to a get-together. Whether this is a training session, seminar or something more casual, it can help you to gain a greater insight into what your customers are interested in. Also, we can provide staff badges for your workers set to attend the event.

Seek new customers for your clients

Should you know someone who might want to make use of your client’s services, then don’t be afraid to do a bit of PR. Provided that you keep introductions professional, the client is likely to appreciate your networking.

Regularly remind a client to restock your product

You can do this by sending them a friendly email. Throw in a discount code that they can use when placing their new order, and don’t forget to briefly refer to their history with your firm. This will leave them feeling like a treasured customer.

Always thank your clients for providing their time and energy

Whether it’s through an email or – probably even better – print letter, showing your gratitude to a client will, naturally, make them feel good. It will also reinforce the crucial connection between the two of you.

Leave each client with a tangible gift

The clients will like having something to physically hold, and a gift like a branded pen or other item of stationary could make even clearer how much you value their custom.

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